Advertisement Monitor

Advertisement Monitor

Quality matters - always! zProtect constantly analyses your ads and makes sure they are always clean and fully compliant. You can be sure your consumers are perfectly protected from all the different kinds of threats like phishing, scareware, data leakage and privacy protection breaches. Regardless how they are served (desktop or mobile), zProtect finds these threats and reports them to you right away.

Nothing annoys the users more than interstitials, pop-ups, sounds, auto-downloads, auto-redirects, content-locking and threats similar to these. zProtect analyses through the used AdTags, even if it’s a third party, and makes sure that these types of ads are not shown to your user. Furthermore, zProtect can analyse the speed performance of the ads. A small, fast-loading advertisement on your website can yield a higher bounce-rate since users don’t want to wait too long when browsing the website. zProtect marks the advertisement that causes an incident and reports it which therefore could end up with it being blocked.

Same as with all the other services, you can easily export this information and address it and forward it to the right place and people - your designer could re-design the ad, the agency you sold your AdSpace to could exchange the media etc.

Why choose us?

zProtect is a service that is developed by online advertising heavy-weights, looking back on more than 10 years of experience in this business and being active within several roles in the business itself - as advertisers, publishers, media-buyers or product-owners. Thanks to this they have a huge knowledge and know which factors are important nowadays and can react fast to any new upcoming trend.

  • long term experience in online advertising
  • reliable solution with 99,9% uptime
  • extremly flexible developers and software to fit your needs 100%
  • outstanding and flexible pricing models compared to others