About Us


zProtect is an IT Security services provider specialised for the online advertising industry. The aim of the company is to provide easy-to-use, detailed analysing and reporting tools for ad-networks, publishers, advertising agencies and also for the regular user to protect them against different threats like malware, scareware and further more.

What do we offer?

zProtect offers a variety of different solutions to protect your IT environment. We are constantly working on new features and tools to provide the best possible service to our customers. Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Malvertising is causing damages every minute they got delivered - and there are billions of malicious advertisements being served. Its a growing problem with consequences for all involved parties. zProtect can help to protect your business.

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Advertisement Monitor

zProtect is crawling all of your advertising inventory and helps you that only compliant and clean ads are displayed so that there won´t be any kind of possible negative impact to your site - no matter if it´s on Mobile or Desktop.

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Auto Advertising Cleaner

Saving time, reducing costs and increasing your productivity is important for every company in the world - even more on the fast living world of the online business. Our Advertising Automation helps you to focus on the important things.

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Mobile Protection

Advertising in the online business rapidly changed - more that ever it´s important to keep your App clean and protect your users, before your users start complaining or may further issues on operator level will take place or you are loosing visitors.

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Our Startup Year

First lines of code and the first early release of zProtect went online.


Official launch

zProtect officially got launched with the redesign at the 01.06.17


Picking up again

After some pause on the project it was picked up again.


We are growing

Already in the first weeks we got big partners on Board: slimspots.